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Berg & Pearson will assist you and your loved ones become legal in the United States.  Our firm assists individuals already residing in the United States to become legal.  We also help you bring a family member or a fiance to the United States

using the proper and legal channels.  Berg & Pearson will also assist you in becoming a United States Citizen,

assist you with the employment authorization process, provide advice on how to obtain a social security

card and driver's license, and and help you obtain a permanent residency card.


Welcome to the

    United States of America...

• Permanent resident cards

  - "Green Cards"

• Fiancé visas

• Naturalization/Citizenship

• Employment authorization




How we can help

If you fail to properly complete the Immigration forms, fail to submit the exact documentation, or fail to follow the exact procedures established by the government, then your matter could be rejected causing more costs and fees, or you could experience significant delays.  Our dedicated staff understands the immigration process and will work to prevent unnecessary delays and guide you through this sometimes confusing process.

Do not get lost in the process or waste valuable time ...

Our law firm provides dedicated representation for green cards, fiancé visas, employment authorization, and citizenship. We pride ourselves on providing knowledgeable legal services for such immigration issues.